Now you are ready to doll yourself up!
Here are a few steps to make the process easier....


Diva Dreads Directions




Step 1
The first step is to make basic high pigtails, or a single high ponytail or bun. How you chose is by the length of your hair and the look you want.


When using a ponytail, you can create a fuller look that looks great with a sash or band.

Pigtails can be worn to the sides for a fun and funky look. Pigtails can also be worn close together for a full back look for those with short hair.

You can also use a bun on top of the falls to give you a base for flowers, chopsticks or other decorations.

What ever look you chose start by making a ponytail or bun with an elastic band. While you can use the band on the falls as your base, I find using a band to secure your hair and then the band on the falls themselves the most secure.

Step 2
Take the elastic for the hair fall or dread and slide it over the ponytail, put the fall over the top of the head and tighten the band from the bottom. For pigtails place the elastics abound both of the buns. (Individually), and flip dreads over the ponytails.







If you are using the one ponytail method (recommended), you will need to attach second set of dreadlocks towards the front and flip backwards when attached (see above photo). Take a dread lock from either side of the fall, and wrap them around the base of the ponytail for tightening. Please make sure to uses hair clips, hair pins etc.

Step 3
Now that you have it tightened, simply flip the fall over your hair straighten and adjust the fall to create the best look and finish the other side.

Step 4
Voila! You have pretty falls; now add flowers, a sash whatever you like. This process works for all of the falls that we design.  This can be used on out Braids, Dreads, Loose or spiral curl falls.